Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foto's van optreden in Jazz Zolder, Mechelen

Enkele foto's van het optreden gisteren in Mechelen.

Erg Bedankt aan Lejo, Kris en alle andere medewerkers van de Jazz Zolder voor juliie onthal.
Het was een fantastische avond!

En hier, tijdens de Soundcheck (daarom geen publiek):

Thursday, May 12, 2011

With Blues From Burenville

We've recorded a few songs at home and put them together in an album. It's a humble compilation of the repertoire we've been doing live lately and we think it'll make an OK demo and a nice souvenir for people coming over to our concerts.

There are 13 songs included, around 50 minutes running time. Five of them are mine, with two new songs: Hometown and Three Eleven. The last one being a pretty sad one, as the name suggests. You can listen to the songs and download them on here:
(You can get the CD cover by clicking on the photo below.)

You can actually buy the album on-line on soundclick, for the lowest price I was allowed to set. I consider this more of a donation than a real sale. So any money we'd get will be used in paying a proper recording studio someday, for we have no budget at all.

The recording took place on 5th and 6th March 2011 at home, in Burenville (Liège). We used three or four condenser microphones through two tracks on a Boss MicroBR device. So no real mixing could be done. We played live and did no overdubbing whatsoever.

As we're lucky guys, our friend Claude Guimin did a couple of beautiful paintings and gave them to us. So that's why the CD cover looks so good. Thanks claude!!!

And that's all!
I hope you'll enjoy the album!