Thursday, August 30, 2012

La Gigatarra

I've made this guitar with common DIY materials, except the frets, tuners and strings. I bought the cigar box in Murcia, Spain, just in the same tobacco shop my grandfather used to buy his cigars. It is a solid wood box. The neck is reinforced with three aluminum bars. I've name it La Gigatarra.

The sound in the video is just acoustic. There's no amplification, although I'm planning to add a piezo sensor and a magnetic one too. 
I've put very light strings on the guitar, just 0.010's, for testing it. I'll put some thicker ones later on in order to improve the sound: 0.012's. I hope the neck will not bend.  :-)
I'm playing here a couple of tunes in open G.

Hope you like it!!!

A few photos:

And a videoclip: