Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pod Cast Classic 21 Blues Café

Si vous n'avez pas écouté l'émission de lundi passé, vous pouvez le faire (et télécharger, pour le moment) ici:

Merci à l'équipe de Classic 21 pour nous avoir acuilli si bien!!!

Et merci a vous tous qui avez écouté l'émission

A la prochaine!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buy a Biscuit Box Guitar


Some friends are buying my guitars, and you could be interested too. So, I can make one for you if you wish. They're all handmade with DIY materials. Only the tuners and the strings are specific for guitars. They're fully playable.

You'll have to chose which type:
- lap steel or regular (with frets).
- electric or not.
- the biscuit box you prefer (if available)

Price: €150 (+ shipping costs)

Contact me (my e-mail is on the right of the screen) if you're interested .
First I'd make the guitar and, after I send you a few photos and a video, we'll arrange the payment.

Description of a few models I already did:
Acoustic regular:
This guitar can be played normally, as any other regular guitar.
The bridge height, angle and position are adjustable.
The neck is made from aluminium.

Acoustic Lap Steel:
The square neck is made from solid wood.

Electric Lap Steel:
The square neck is made from solid wood.
The tin box is thin.
It has a single coil magnetic pick-up and nickel strings.